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Updated Spam Protection

Junk MailScarab Media recently updated our tools in the fight against Junk Email and Spam. Hopefully this will continue to have a profound impact upon the amount of Junk Email that is received by our customers.

We currently subject all inbound email to 175 Spam Tests using a variety of tools. We use a complex combination of Whitelists, Blacklists, HAM Detection (the opposite of Spam), SMTP Blocked Senders, Trusted Senders, Greylisting, Real-time Abuse Detection, Bayesian Scanning, SFE (Structurally Flawed Email) Detection, Filters, Content Sniffers, RBLs (Real-time Blackhole Lists), URIBLs (Uniform Resource Identifier Block Lists), DNSBLs (DNS Blackhole Lists), RHSBLs (Right-hand Side Black List), Anti-Virus and Malware Scanners, and more.

Scarab Media uses several Third-Party Utilities in addition to those built-in to Smartertool’s Smartermail, including Declude, Invariant Systems invURIBL, Spam Assassin, AVG, and Clam Anti-Virus. Scarab Media also has created our own Utilities, Filters, and Sniffers in-house to help keep your Inbox free of Junk Email.

As a direct result to our updated utilities, in the past week we have seen the following results:

973% increase in connections from Spammers blocked entirely
241% increase in Spam blocked by Abuse Detection
188% increase in Spam blocked by Greylisting
124% increase in Spam marked as LOW
148% increase in Spam marked as MEDIUM
270% increase in Spam marked as HIGH

 Those are definitely the kind of results we like to see!

Please let us know if you continue to receive a significant number of Junk Email, or if you are having a significant number of legitimate Email that is being retained in your Junk Email folder. We would be more than happy to check your default Junk Email settings and either help increase their effectiveness or decrease their sensitivity in the case of false-negatives.

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