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Email Domain Size Limits Increased!

Due to restraints in the architecture of our Mail Server hardware we have for many years been stuck with tightly limiting domain limits on email. Although the space we allocate per domain has remained competitive with the average Web Host Provider, over the years it has fallen significantly behind the big three free email providers (Google’s GMail, Microsoft’s Hotmail/Live, and Yahoo!).

This storage limitation has perhaps been the most common complaint we have heard from you, our customers, over the years and something we have been very keen on resolving at our first opportunity. Recent upgrades to our Mail Server infrastructure have finally allowed us to remedy this. We now offer 2GB of storage space limits to domains for email. This change is automatic and affects all current customers as of today.

If you find that a 2GB domain storage limit on your email is still too constrictive, we offer two different solutions:

  1. We can migrate your domain to Google Apps/GMail. There is no additional charge for this. Google Apps/GMail will replace your current Mail Services provided by Scarab Media. Although this will provide up to 7GB per account, the downside is that support is through Google’s Knowledge Base only. We will handle setting up your domain on Google Apps/GMail for you, but once this migration is complete Scarab Media will be unable to provide any further Technical Assistance regarding your domain’s email.
  2. We can increase your domain storage limit on your email for a surcharge of $5.00/mo. per 2GB in addition to your base 2GB of domain storage. For example, if you need 4GB for domain storage on your email we can provide this for an additional $5.00/mo., or 6GB for an additional $10.00/mo., or 8GB  for an additional $15.00 a month, to how ever much space you may need.

For most of our customers this 2GB domain storage limit should be more than sufficient for the immediate future, and is a significant improvement over the 500MB we have previously allowed.

Another thing we have chosen to increase the limits on, as far as email, is that you are now no longer restricted to only 5 email addresses and 5 email aliases. You now have an unrestricted number of email addresses and email aliases with your email hosting at Scarab Media!

Whatever your needs, let us work with you to develop a solution tailored specifically to you. Contact us at if you have any questions or would like more information.


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