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DomainKeys & DKIM Signing

Scarab Media has fully implemented the use of DomainKeys and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) signing on all outgoing messages, joining the ranks of other Mail Providers such as GMail, Yahoo!, and AOL, who have also adopted this standard. These have been rolled out, behind the scenes, to all domains that are hosted by Scarab Media and have their DNS (Domain Name Services) managed by us.

What DomainKeys & DKIM Signing means for you is that this allows the recipients of your email to reliably identify your email as being legitimately from you, making it easier for them to detect forged email and phishing attacks, as well as helping prevent your domain from appearing on blacklists and being filtered as spam or junk email because of spammers sending email spoofed as coming from you. The best thing is that there is nothing that you need to do to use this. It happens automatically whenever you send an email through Scarab Media’s Mail Servers that is hosting your domain email!

If the DNS for your domain is not managed by Scarab Media (i.e., the Primary and Secondary Name Servers for your domain do not point at NS1.SCARABMEDIA.COM and NS2.SCARABMEDIA.COM respectively) but your email is hosted with us, please contact us at if you are interested in having your email signed with DomainKeys and DKIM.

For more information about Domain Keys & DKIM Signing, please see the following articles:

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