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Zero-day Adobe Flash Bug Actively Exploited


On the tails of another (yet unfixed) browser vulnerability, Adobe issued a Security Alert and Update to their popular Adobe Flash Player browser plugin.

According to Kaspersky Labs this vulnerability is already being actively exploited on the Internet. The vulnerability allows any site hosting a modified .SWF file (an animated graphics/video file commonly used in Flash or Shockwave enabled websites for displaying multimedia, games, or interactive advertisements) to deploy a payload, infect, or take full-control of a visitor’s computer.

All Windows, MacOS, and Linux users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest Adobe Flash Player immediately. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 & 11 users on Windows 8/8.1 and Google Chrome users on all platforms should be updated to the newest release automatically.  Please note that this update must be applied for every browser installed on your computer or device (i.e., three times if you have Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer on Windows 7, for example).

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