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Major DNS Flaw Leaves Internet Vulnerable

dns_bind-190x190Due to a recently disclosed vulnerability in Bind DNS (Domain Name Service) that provides name resolution for most of the internet, hackers have the ability to disrupt large swathes of the web through a remote denial of service attack. The vulnerability is trivial to exploit, allowing a solitary hacker with a single computer to take down the majority of the internet within an hour using a Denial of Service (DoS) style attack. Such an attack would interfere with people’s ability to surf the internet, access websites and email, making the internet seemingly go dark while the attack was underway.

This bug is difficult to defend against and firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) provide no mitigation against this vulnerability. The only way to prevent this attack is for providers to patch or upgrade their DNS Servers immediately. Many OS distributions with Bind DNS began rolling out patches as early as Tuesday of this week.

Scarab Media and Project A, Inc. has patched all of our DNS Servers against this vulnerability, and are no longer vulnerable to this exploit.

For more information, please see the following links:

Security Advisory CVE-2015-5477

Bind Remote DoS Vulnerability

Major flaw could let lone-wolf hacker bring down huge swaths of Internet



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