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Heartbleed Vulnerability

heartbleedBy now you have probably heard about the newest security vulnerability that is affecting millions of websites on the Internet, including such giants as Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, and NetFlix.  This bug, called Heartbleed, is a vulnerability in the implementation of Secure Socket Layers (SSL) used on the majority of web servers that is used to create a secure connection with the web service you attempting to connect to, commonly used during Login or when entering your Credit Card information at checkout. This vulnerability has existed undetected for over two years, and at the beginning of this week was finally discovered and patched.

You may be wondering if your eCommerce site hosted at Scarab Media, Project A, Inc. is affected by this vulnerability. The short answer is “NO!” The long answer is that this vulnerability is not a flaw in the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) itself, or in the SSL Certificates that are used to encrypt those connections, but rather a vulnerability in the OpenSSL program that is used by Unix derived operating systems such as Linux and BSD. As Scarab Media and Project A, Inc. utilize Microsoft Server products for all of our Web Hosting & Email services, this vulnerability does not affect sites hosted with us.

You can confirm whether a site is vulnerable or has been patched at Heartbleed Test or  Heartbleed Checker.

You can read more about the Heartbleed Vulnerability at Heartbleed Bug.

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