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Upstream Emergency Maintenance Outage 9-15-2016 (COMPLETE)

Caution! Maintenance Ahead!UPDATED 9/16/2016: The maintenance window is now complete. Downtime was limited to two minutes between 11:09pm PDT and 11:11pm PDT (-7:00 UT).
Please note that there will be a brief out-of-band emergency maintenance outage with our primary upstream provider this evening (9/15/16) at some point between 11:00 – 11:59 PDT (-7:00 UT) to flash a firmware update to their switches. The expected downtime during this period should be very brief as traffic is rerouted through their redundant systems.
This outage will affect all services provided by our Ashland Data Center, including Web, Mail, and DNS.

From: NOC<>
Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 2:15 PM
Subject: Hunter Communications- Emergency Maintenance Outage- 9/15/2016- 23:00-23:59

Hunter Maintenance Outage #13795 for the Ashland area has been completed.
During the course of last night’s maintenance, Hunter became aware of a necessary manufacturer-required firmware update. Hunter will need to perform this firmware update tonight (9/15/16) from 23:00-23:59.
Customers in the Ashland area may experience a brief outage during this maintenance window as the chassis switches to the redundant module.
Hunter Network Operations

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