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WordPress 4.4.1 Security & Maintenance Release

WordPressWordPress has released version 4.4.1 of their popular website CMS software. This is a critical security and maintenance release for all previous versions. It is strongly encouraged to update your WordPress site to this newest version immediately.

This version fixes a critical cross-site scripting security vulnerability in all previous versions of WordPress that could allow a WordPress site to be compromised.

Additional fixes added include:

  • Emoji support has been updated to include all of the latest emoji characters, including the new diverse emoji! 👍🏿👌🏽👏🏼
  • Some sites with older versions of OpenSSL installed were unable to communicate with other services provided through some plugins.
  • If a post URL was ever re-used, the site could redirect to the wrong post.

WordPress version 4.4.1 fixes 52 bugs from 4.4. For more information, see the release notes or consult the list of changes.

You can update your WordPress installation to this new version by logging in to your WordPress Dashboard and going to UPDATES > UPDATE NOW.

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