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Vivaldi Browser Gets 1.0 Public Release

Vivaldi_logoThe Vivaldi web browser, developed by the Opera co-founder and former CEO Jon von Tetzchner, launched version 1.0 for public release today. Vivaldi v1.0, for Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms, is primarily aimed at “power users”. The Vivaldi web browser is redesigned from the ground up using modern technologies such as JavaScript, React, Node.js, and NPM modules to provide an optimum experience browsing the modern web. Some of the most touted features of this new browser are an Adaptive Interface, Spacial Navigation, Powerful Bookmarks, Web Panels, Tab Stack & Tiling, Rewind & Fast Forward, Full Customization, and support for Chrome extensions.

The Norway, Oslo company has been working on the Vivaldi browser since 2013.

More information on the Vivaldi web browser can be found at their website at You can download this new web browser at Download Vivaldi.

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