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Mozilla Firefox Browser To Block Third-Party Cookies

firefoxMozilla has announced that with the upcoming release 22 version of Firefox all third-party cookies will be blocked entirely by default.

With the patch, Firefox would still allow all cookies from websites that a user actively visits, but it would block all cookies from third-party sites if a user has not visited that cookie’s website of origin. Advertisers commonly place third-party cookies and collect data about a user across several websites with them. This is generally used to serve targeted ads or for data-mining for demographics or to determine where an firm should spend its advertising.

Blocking third-party cookies in browsers is nothing new; Apple’s Safari already blocks cookies from third-parties, and Plugins have been available in Firefox that also blocked third-party cookies for some time . Right now, Google Chrome allows all cookies, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer blocks some third-party cookies.

More information can be found at Web Policy.

If your website currently contains Facebook or Twitter apps or Comment Widgets where a user has typed text, Analytics Services, Advertising Networks, or Social Widgets, this would affect you. Visitors using the newest version of Firefox would most likely not be able to utilize these third-party features when visiting your website, and any logs or analytics will always register Firefox visitors as a unique visitor, instead of a repeat visitor. There are simple work-arounds that involve hard-coding links into images instead of using the code snippets provided by the third-party service, which usually relies on a third-party cookie. If you are concerned that this may affect your website and your visitors please contact Scarab Media at for an analysis of your website and a quote for modifying links to third-party applications so that they will not be blocked to users of Firefox (and Safari).

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