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Java Critcal Security Update Available

javaOracle released Java SE 7 Update 21 today which addresses 42 new security fixes. Out of these, 39 of the vulnerabilities fixed in this Critical Patch are remotely exploitable by attackers. This includes fixes for the vulnerabilities we reported previously, New Java 0-Day Vulnerability and Security Vulnerability Discovered In Latest Java Patch.

It is highly recommended that this Critical Patch Update be installed by anyone with Java installed on their computers. Users can install a new version directly from or through the Java Auto-Update function installed from a previous version of Java. You can verify that you have the newest version installed at

It is also highly recommended that you uninstall any outdated versions of Java existing on your computer (you can have many different versions installed). Instructions on how to uninstall older versions of Java can be found at

For those unsure about what Java is you can view the Java FAQ for more information.

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