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Internet Backbone Disruption

cable_webSome clients may be experiencing timeouts or slow connections when attempting to reach Scarab Media services this morning. There are numerous regional disruptions on the Internet backbone due to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that are on-going against major internet nodes. Cogent, Verizon, Savvis, Level 3, and SBC are all reporting increased latency and packet loss currently. Anaheim California, Seattle Washington, Vancouver Canada, Cincinnati Ohio, Ypsilanti Michigan, Pampa Texas, Atlanta Georgia, Atlantic City New Jersey, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Ashburn Virginia, are all reporting downed or decreased services in their regions. This is not a Scarab Media outage, but a wide-spread disruption occurring in other regions and affects connectivity to many Internet Providers and services, including Google, Yahoo!, and even Facebook. If your request for services must travel through one of these affected regions you may be experiencing slow or non-responsive connections. In such cases, all Scarab Media services would be affected, including Email, Web, and FTP.

Update: As of 10:15am PST, it appears that most regions are recovering from this mornings DDoS attacks.

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