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How Secure is your eCommerce Site?

PadlockIn April of this year Qualys SSL Labs launched TIM (Trustworthy Internet Movement) and a new project named the SSL Pulse Project to monitor both the quality and strength of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) implementations used by the top sites across the Internet. When they first launched this project they found only 10% of the websites on the Internet using SSL were truly secure! Now, two months later this figure has only grown to 12.3%.

Is your eCommerce site really secure? How does your site rate? You can go to the SSL Server Test page to have your site scanned for free.

We take security, both ours and yours, as our first priority and are proud to say that all eCommerce websites hosted at Scarab Media, or at our parent division, Project A Inc., all rate as secure with an “A” Grade, placing us in that top 10%.

If you have an eCommerce site that you would like to host with us, please contact us at

For more information about SSL Deployment Best Practices go to Qualys SSL Labs Best Practices. To see how other eCommerce sites rate in their SSL security go to the SSL Pulse Project .



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