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cPanel & WHM Support Compromised

cpanelThe provider of a commonly used web hosting Control Panel,  cPanel and WHM, sent out an e-mail this morning to any of their customers who have filed cPanel or WHM support requests in the past six months. Members of their security team stated that they recently discovered the compromise of a server which had been used to process support requests.

Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 12:48 AM 
To: ***********

Subject: Important Security Alert (Action Required) 


You are receiving this email because you have opened a ticket with our
support staff in the last 6 months. cPanel, Inc. has discovered that
one of the servers we utilize in the technical support department has
been compromised. While we do not know if your machine is affected,
you should change your root level password if you are not already using
ssh keys. If you are using an unprivileged account with "sudo" or "su"
for root logins, we recommend you change the account password. Even if
you are using ssh keys we still recommend rotating keys on a regular

As we do not know the exact nature of this compromise we are asking
for customers to take immediate action on their own servers. cPanel's
security team is continuing to investigate the nature of this security

--cPanel Security Team

Although Scarab Media does not provide cPanel or WHM, we know many of our customers who host at third-party providers do. As a precaution, we recommend that you follow the advice contained in the email above. Likewise, if you commonly reuse credentials, such as User Names or Passwords, it may be prudent to have these updated on any other services you use them on. If you require any assistance updating any of your FTP, Email, or Control Panel credentials for services hosted at Scarab Media, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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