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Help Center / Why is there a limit to the number of emails I can send?

When you utilize a Mail Service you are sharing that service with other customers. To ensure that everyone is able to fully utilize that service fairly limits to the maximum number of emails is generally enforced. This is also a safety mechanism to prevent your Mail Service from being flagged for Abuse, being misidentified as a source of Spam, or from compromised accounts sending out Junk email and getting your Mail Service listed on RBLs (Realtime Block Lists). To ensure that your email is able to be delivered to the Inbox of your recipients these limitations are critical and important.

Although some Mail Service Providers block your outbound email once you reach their limits, AHN/ProjectA/Scarab Media does not. Your outbound email will still be accepted for delivery but throttled until the next hour and delivered automatically.

If you need to send a larger volume of email you have several options:

    1. Utilize a Bulk Mailing Provider or Email Marketing Service such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendGrid, Campaigner, Vertical Response, or many others. Some have free tiers, but most Bulk Mailing Providers are subscription or fee-based with prices variable upon the total number of messages per month.
    2. Setup and configure your own SMTP Server. Many Service Providers offer VPS (Virtual Private Servers) that can be used to setup your own Mail Server. Many even offer preconfigured private Exchange or Mail Servers as a premium service. Of course this is a subscription based fee with the price varying by provider, and your SMTP Server will be limited by total monthly Gigabytes of traffic used per month instead of number of messages per hour, day, week, or month.

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