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Help Center / Why do I get “Mailbox size limit exceeded” when sending mail?

Whenever you get the following email error, “Mailbox size limit exceeded“, this indicates that your mailbox is full and you need to delete messages off the server to make more space.  The easiest way to delete messages off the server to make more space is to login to your web-based mail at and then delete any messages no longer needed from your folders.

To keep your mailbox from filling up in the future we recommend that you use your computer’s email software (MacMail, Outlook, Windows Live Essentials, Thunderbird, etc.) to send and receive email from our server via POP3 instead of using the web-based mail exclusively. Make sure the preferences of your email client are set to automatically delete messages from the server. You can set your email client to do so right away, or set it to leave a copy of messages on the server for a set period of time. One week is a reasonable amount of time to leave a copy of messages on the server. This way you can check messages with other devices, such as a smartphone, or remotely with the web-based mail for up to a week after your computer’s email client downloaded it.

Other benefits to using your computer’s email software to retrieve your email are:

  1. You have a downloaded copy of your emails so that you have a local backup for easy recovery.

  2. You have an additional layer of spam & virus protection from your email client’s own built-in tools.

(Domains are limited to 7GB total distributed across all accounts on a domain. Your domain administrator has the ability to configure or increase your Mailbox size limit.)

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