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Help Center / Why are the number of recipients limited?

The number or recipients per email is restricted to prevent abuse of email services. Bulk email that includes a large number of TO: CC: or BCC: recipients is generally an indicator of Junk email or Spam. Many services will flag inbound email that has more than 20-25 total recipients as Spam. If you want your recipients to receive your email then it is important to limit the number of total recipients of your email.

Furthermore, if too many duplicate emails are received by a service from the same source that exceeds this limit they may entirely block that sender or that sender’s Outgoing Mail Server. To prevent Outgoing Mail from being blocked for all of their customers Mail Service Providers will often limit the number of recipients you can send to.

If you want to send Bulk email to a large number of recipients it is strongly recommended that you use a Mailing List. A Mailing List will send out a single email per recipient for everyone on your Mailing List with only that recipient listed to ensure that your email will be delivered and not marked as Junk email or Spam. If your domain name is hosted at AHN/ProjectA/Scarab Media, we allow for 2 Mailing Lists per domain with a limit of 50,000 recipients. Please note that your Maximum Outgoing Messages Per Hour will remain at 200. Your Mailing List will automatically throttle sending to stay within these limits.

For more information on configuring a Mailing List for your domain please see Mailing List Overview

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