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Help Center / Why are email attachment sizes limited?

Many Mail Service Providers limit the inbound message size to 10MB. It is becoming more frequent for Mail Service Providers to increase this limit, although not everyone has the same limitations. To ensure that your email message is able to be delivered the total size of your email is limited to the most common average size.

For example, since Charter has a limitation of 10MB and AHN/ProjectA/Scarab Media has a 25MB limit, if you were to send a 25MB email message to a address it would bounce as non-deliverable.

If you need to send a large attachment to someone you can easily store the file in your Webmail File Store, or linked Dropbox or Google Drive account, and send just the link to the file in your email. For more instructions on how to use your Webmail File Storage or linking your Dropbox or Google Drive to your email please see File Storage Overview

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