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Help Center / What limits are there to email use?

Limits on Email Hosting for your domain

  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Email Aliases
  • Unlimited Domain Aliases
  • 7GB Domain Storage
  • 2 Mailing Lists
  • 25MB size limitation per email (you can use your Webmail File Storage for files exceeding 25MB)
  • 50 maximum recipients per email (you should use a Mailing List for > 25-50 recipients or more)
  • 200 emails per user per hour/200MB per user per hour, or 1000 emails per domain per hour, or 1GB per domain per hour
  • 3GB Outbound mail/mo. per domain

You can optionally extend these limits with the following Add-On Services:

  • Exchange ActiveSync – $5.00/mo per account.
  • HIPAA Compliance Email Archiving – $5.00/mo per 2GB of storage
  • Additional Mailing Lists – $5.00/mo per Mailing List
  • Additional Bandwidth – $5.00/mo per 3GB of Outbound transfer.

Please note that all email use is restricted to the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy.

For more information please see the following articles:

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