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Help Center / Setup Windows Live Mail for IMAP

To add your email account to Windows Live Mail (part of Windows Live Essentials) as an IMAP account, follow the instructions below:


1.  Open Windows Live Mail and click on the Email button in the upper-left corner.


2.  On the Add your email accounts screen enter the following:

Email Address: Your full email address (i.e.
Password: Your password (check the box to Remember this password)
Display Name: How you want recipients to see who your emails are from.

3.  Click the checkbox next to Manually configure server settings and click on the [NEXT] button.


4.  On the Configure server settings screen under Server type select IMAP.

5. Enter the following settings:

Incoming server information
Server address:
Port: 143
Requires a secure connection: Optional (but recommended)

Outgoing server information
Server address:
Port: 587
Requires a secure connection: Optional (but recommended)
Check Requires authentication
Authenticate using: Clear text
Logon user name: Your full email address (i.e.

6.  Click on the [NEXT] button to continue.


7. You will get a confirmation that your email account was added. If you have no other email accounts to add then click on the [FINISH] button to complete.

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