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Help Center / Setup Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows, OS X, Linux) for IMAP

The latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird can be downloaded at

To add your email account to Thunderbird follow the steps below:

1.  Open Thunderbird and click on “Email” under “Create a new account



2.  Thunderbird will ask you if you would like a new email address. Click on the button in the bottom left that says “Skip this and use my existing email“.



3.  Enter your name, email address, and password, and click on the “Remember Password” checkbox. Click on the [CONTINUE] button when done.



4.  Thunderbird will attempt to guess your account settings. Most likely these will be incorrect, so click on the [MANUAL CONFIG] button to enter these settings yourself.



5.  For Incoming, select IMAP. For Server Hostname enter for both the Incoming and Outgoing. For Port select 143 for Incoming and 587 for Outgoing. For SSL choose “STARTTLS” for both Incoming and for Outgoing. For Authentication select “Encrypted Password” for Incoming and for Outgoing. Lastly enter your full email address in the Username field. Click on the [RE-TEST] or [DONE] buttons when complete.


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