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Help Center / How to change your Spam Filtering Preferences

There may be times that you find your email Spam Filters to be too aggressive or not aggressive enough for your individual preferences. You have a large amount of control over how incoming Spam is handled by your email account. You can modify your Spam Filtering preferences by following the steps below:

  1.  Logon to your web-based mail at
  2.  Click on the SETTINGS icon in the left-hand pane (as shown below)
  3.  Under Settings click on FILTERING to expand that submenu (as shown below)
  4.  Click on SPAM FILTERING (as shown below)
  5.  Select “Override spam settings for this account” (as shown below)

6.  Click on the ACTIONS tab in the right-hand pane (as shown below)
7.  For Low Probability of Being Spam click the down arrow under ACTION and select how you want these scored emails to be handled. You can select “No Action” to have them go directly to your Inbox,  “Add Text to Subject” to have them delivered to your Inbox but with a modified Subject letting you know they may be Junk E-Mail, “Move to Junk E-Mail Folder” to have them quarantined, or “Delete Message” to have the message removed entirely upon receipt.
8.  Repeat Step 7 for Medium Probability of Spam.
9.  Repeat Step 7 for High Probability of Spam.
10. Click on the [SAVE] button at the top of the screen to commit your changes.

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