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Help Center / How do I retrieve emails using another provider’s webmail?

Almost all Mail Providers offering webmail allow you to remotely retrieve email from other external accounts. If you prefer using your existing webmail, such as Google,, or Yahoo! Mail) you can configure that account to retrieve your email from your email account(s) hosted at AHN/ProjectA/Scarab Media.

Simple login to your preferred wemail account and follow the appropriate instructions below:

In all cases the settings you will need are below:

POP3/IMAP Server:
Port: 110 (for POP3) or 143 (for IMAP)
Use TLS: Yes
Username: Your full email address (i.e.,
Password: The password for your account.

Many services will also allow you to remotely send email using their account. In such cases the settings are precisely the same as for retrieving mail, the only difference would be the Port which would be 587.

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