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Help Center / How do I backup my email?

If your email is important to you then you should be backing it up regularly. Whether for retention purposes, or for disaster recovery, or for migrating to a new computer or device, you may need to make a backup of your email.
Please see the instructions below for backing up your email. There is an option for Windows Users and an option for Apple Mac Users.

For Windows Users

Backing Up Mail With MailStore Home

Instructions below are for setting up a Backup solution if you are primarily using Webmail or IMAP instead of a POP3 Email Client such as Outlook, or Thunderbird. The same program can be used to backup your email in your Email Client and the instructions to do such are similar (you would just choose your Email Client in the Setup Wizard instead of configuring your email account details).

  1. Download MailStore Home at (this third-party program is a free download) and install this program on your computer.
  2. Open the MailStore Home program from the Icon it added to your Desktop (alternately you can open the program from WINDOWS -> ALL PROGRAMS -> MAILSTORE HOME -> MAILSTORE HOME).
  3. Under “Create Profile” click on the [ADVANCED] button and select [IMAP MAILBOX].
  4. On the “Archive IMAP MAILBOX” screen enter the following information:Email Address: your full email address
    Access Via: IMAP
    User Name: your full email address
    Password: your password
  5. Click on [NEXT >]
  6. You may choose to exclude folders from backup or delete messages after X number of days in the Advanced Settings. (To help keep your email account from exceeding the maximum it is highly recommended that you choose to delete email on the Mail Server after a certain number of days. Depending on how often you may need to refer to older messages and how quickly your mailbox fills up, 7 or 30 days are common settings.)
  7. Click on [FINISH]
  8. Repeat Steps 2-7 for each Mail Account you want to backup.
  9. To run your first manual Backup of your Mail Account just double-click on the Mail Account under SAVED PROFILES (Note: you can also choose [CREATE SHORTCUT ON DESKTOP] to run the Mail Backup from.)

For Mac Users
Using Apple Mail Export

To export a mailbox, go into Apple Mail and select the mailbox from the sidebar. Choose MAILBOX > EXPORT MAILBOX. Alternatively, you can right-click on the mailbox in the sidebar and choose EXPORT MAILBOX. When prompted to “choose a destination” for the .mbox file browse to the location desired and click CHOOSE.

Import Mailboxes

Should you want to look at messages you previously exported, you can import them back to Mail or another email app; the .mbox format is a common file format and can be read by other email clients. To import back into Apple Mail, open Mail and go to FILE > IMPORT MAILBOXES. Next, choose Apple Mail from the Import window and click Continue. Lastly, select the .mbox file you want to import and click Choose. For each imported mailbox, Mail creates an Import folder in the On My Mac section its sidebar.

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