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Help Center / Do you have a backup of my website?

Scarab Media, Project A, Inc. keeps a rotating backup of nightly, weekly, and monthly snap-shots of all Hosting services which are kept offsite for disaster recovery. We can restore a backup of an individual file or your entire site upon request, usually in the span of a few minutes.

For previous customers who have cancelled Hosting services with us we provide a link to a backup of your site upon cancellation which is valid for 30 days. After that we may retain a backup for up to 6 months after cancellation, we can make no guarantees of such, but we will gladly take a look for you if you ask.

We certainly do NOT retain backups of your website indefinitely. It is an unfortunately common occurrence for us to receive desperate requests for a backup of their Hosting two, four, seven, and even ten years after cancellation!

If your data is important to you then we strongly recommend that you treat it importantly by retaining your own backups (notice the plural) of your website in multiple locations.

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