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Development Rate Increase

426736_25628653_300Effective February 1st, 2015 our hourly rate for Development (from Programming to Web, Graphic, and App Design) will be raising from $85.00/hr to $95.00/hr (an 11% increase). We have tried to keep costs as low as possible while continuing to maintain the best service possible, but after 10 years it was inevitable that our pricing had to eventually increase in order to provide the same exemplary service our customers have come to expect from us over the years.

We feel that such a modest increase in Development rates is still fiercely competitive, and that being a small local company that intimately knows you and cares about you and your business, that the value we provide you is unmatched and well worth it. We believe that providing prompt, professional and knowledgeable service from people you can trust to get the job done right makes our service all the more cost-effective to you.

Here at Scarab Media, Project A Inc, we value you, our customers, and your continued business.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this rate increase please feel free to contact us directly at or by phone at 541-488-1702 (or Toll Free at 1-888-755-7308).

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